Into the Cold Light

2006. Video projections onto electrical cable, fittings and fixtures, collection of other objects and existing architecture.

Transition Gallery, London. 2006.

White takes images from seemingly benevolent pleasure domes such as zoos and safari parks, and projects them onto mundane household objects a process which reveals the precarious and threatening instability caused by the disturbance of the balance between man and nature. This process of bifurcation, where the image moves from one state to another transforms the object, altering its appearance, which then affects the way we engage with both object and image and reflects the complex relationships between humans and nature, which the artist believes cannot be seen in opposition.

This work created for Transition responds to the artists concerns around the production of electricity and in particular light, generated, on one hand from depleting resources of fossil fuels, and in a very different way through the natural production of phosphorescence created by boneless sea creatures. Excessive use of electricity lights up our homes and workplaces, from the functional to the decorative, while sea invertebrates effortlessly create enough light just to survive. Jelly fish show off their firework display of lights in dark deep waters, which most of us will never experience first hand, and yet we are all familiar with these beautiful creatures through our television and cinema screens. It is a distanced and technological experience of nature where Jellyfish can't sting.

Garageland Review
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(Work without video projection)