For living, for loving, for loathing
Room 1

2011. Materials include unfired clay, tin foil, paper napkins, expanding foam and gold spray. Individual pieces various sizes.

POLLEN, Monflanquin. France

Exploring the language of sculpture Laura White uses a range of materials from everyday objects to constructed matter. She is interested in our relationship and negotiation with the ‘stuff’ of the world, from the readymade to the handmade, image to objects, the representational to the abstract, playing with value, profile, association and meaning of individual and collections of objects. These objects/arrangements occupy a fluid space, on one hand demanding critical discourse, and on the other its own ambiguous, intuitive logic.

For this exhibition at Pollen, Laura extends her ongoing fascination and investigation into objects she comes across, from those found in bricolage and craft shops to the objects in and on the periphery of our living and working spaces, such as an arrangement of objects in a shop window or ornaments clustered on a mantelpiece. Thinking about the pile of objects we acquire, borrow and give away during our lives, Laura is interested in ideas and questions around their relational placement and display, where an object can be just as much a decoration, ornament or centrepiece as it is an artwork in a gallery. Objects she makes from everyday and ready available materials, such as tinfoil, clay and expanding foam appear on one hand familiar, and yet equally strange and unfamiliar like prototypes or hybrids. We are encouraged to question our own taste and the value given to these objects, pointing us back out into the world where the strangeness is not so much in the gallery but the objects we come across everyday in our lives.

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Materials: unfired clay 



Materials: unfired clay 





Materials: expanding foam and gold spray 



Materials: tin foil 



Materials: paper napkins