Fieldwork: Workshops

My practice is interdisciplinary, including studio based work: sculpture, installation and drawing, writing: on material encounters and my entanglements with the world of stuff and Fieldwork.

I use the word Fieldwork as a process of research and art production, generated from an anthropological position.

I have been participating on various skill-based courses to extend my knowledge and experience of the material world, and different mind - hand - material – environment negotiations by participating on skill based courses including:

Fish knife skills
Sushi cookery
Basket weaving
throwing pots
Experimental Ceramics
Shoe making
Dress making
Jewellery making

These activities are not just about skills learnt, but the context and environment in which they take place (butchers shop, Billingsgate fish market, town hall, art college etc), the social exchange (those doing it with me - skilled professionals and participants) and the industry they service (restaurants, homes, shops and museums etc.)

I am interested in initiating discussions with others around making and handling - how we learn/extend knowledge through ‘hands-on doing’ and how skills are acquired (eg. copying others actions, talking to one another as we learn and looking at visual aids - U-tube demonstrations and printed instructions), how we experience and understand our environment and bodies through using material and our hands/body, relationships between material, hand and cognition, and the rich experience of understanding the world through direct hands on engagement.

The experience of these taught activities I have started to share with galleries and other institutions to take this fieldwork beyond my own experience and to share with others. E.g. I recently did a project with Raven Row and the RCA running a session: 'what it means to handle stuff - auto-pedagogy - a course in butchery’. This included a presentation about my practice with a discussion around the notion of making and skills: what it means to learn a skill and to deskill, the environment we learn in, the groups we learn with and skills we can access both as an amateur and a professional. This was followed by a course in butchery lead by a professional butcher who taught us (myself, gallery director and the fine art students) butchery techniques in pork and poultry.

This DIWO (doing it with others) I wish to extend, working with students and local communities, to set up groups to engage in different skills delivered by local professionals, and to extend the experience through discussion.

Hand held manual jewellery drill 



Jewellery course outcomes at the K2 Academy 



Weaving at London Loom 

Blacksmithing course 

Sore blacksmithing hands 

The forge - blacksmithing 

Blacksmithing tools 

My achievements - metal toasting fork and knife 

Jo Fry demonstrating on the anvil 

Glassblowing - furness 


Adding colour 

Stretching glass 

My glass pieces 

Squirrel Taxidermy 2015 

Taxidermy workshop. 

Armiture for Squirrel 

Finshed Squirrel (Taxidermy) 

Shoe Making. Feb 2017 

Shoe Making. Feb 2017 

Shoe Making. Feb 2017 

Shoe Making. Feb 2017 

Shoe Making. Feb 2017 

Sushi course. Sushi ingredients. 

Sushi Course. Soft crab tempura. 2014. 

Basket Weaving. Course teacher twisting willow to make handles. 2015. 

Basket weaving. Written Instructions. 

Basket weaving course. Structure for a catalan tray. 2015. 

Clay pot throwing. Demonstration on the wheel. 2015. 

Throwing course. 2015 

Throwing course. For recycling! 

Pot throwing. Basic instructions. 

Bread making course. Baked bagels. 2014. 

Bread making course. Friend at work! 

Bread making course. Dough proofing. 2014 

Experimental Ceramics. 2016 

Porcelaine slip casts.
Experimental Ceramics. 2016: Porcelaine slip casts.

Ceramics Glossary
Experimental Ceramics. 2016: Ceramics Glossary

Experimental Ceramics. 2016 

Porcelaine slip dipped
Experimental Ceramics. 2016: Porcelaine slip dipped

Porcelaine slip casts ready for firing.
Experimental Ceramics. 2016: Porcelaine slip casts ready for firing.

Experimental Ceramics. 2016 

Metal (scouring pad) fired in sagger with egyptian paste 

Metal (aluminium) fired in sagger with egyptian paste