MARs Materiality

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Organised by Laura White
Goldsmiths College, University of London.

Wednesday 6 December, 2017 @ 14.00-17.00.
Prep sessions on:
Tuesday, 14 November @ 15.00-17.00
Tuesday, 21 November @ 15.00-17.00
Tuesday, 28 November @ 15.00-17.00

MARs Materiality is a project organized by Laura White, with prep sessions lead by PhD students Rowena Harris, Kate Pickering and Laura Burns, and guests Juliette Kristensen and Florian Roithmayr.

The aim of MARs Materiality is to open up new ways of thinking and talking about materiality – materiality as the subject rather than a vehicle for the non-material and theoretical.

Is it possible to talk about materiality in and of itself, without reference to other subject areas? How can we talk about materiality insightfully and intelligently without falling into a dated language of formalism? How does the digital environment affect/influence our material environment, and can we separate the physical from the virtual anymore?

Each session will begin with an observation of, and interaction with, things/objects/matter. Giving time and space to this specific material engagement and to the conversations and responses (linguistic, sonic, gestural) arising from it, we will work to become responsive to the things/stuff/objects/bodies in front of us. In doing so, we will reverse a more familiar use of materials/processes to describe an idea/concept, instead starting with materiality, its unique qualities and processes, to generate language and ideas.

Throughout the sessions we will also draw from a broad conversation involving material culture, design, anthropology, material science and physics in order to extend the language of materiality within art practice. In this way, MARs Materiality begins with a specific material engagement, whether physical or digital, and ends with a journey all its own!

MARs Sessions bring together researchers within Art, across disciplines, between institutions and beyond higher education for intentional, concentrated discussion and sharing of research. Each small-scale, curated event engages around 12-15 people in conversation, all of whom share a research interest in common. The sessions are organised and run by members of academic staff along with MPhil/PhD researchers in the Department of Art at Goldsmiths, keying into specific research interests.

Mountain of Art Research (MARs)
Goldsmiths College, University of London

Laura White's interactive materials workshop 

Laura White's interactive materials workshop 



Florian Roithmayr talks about the relationship of model, mould and cast  

Juliette Kristensen talks about SLIME... 


Rowena Harris's free-falling 

Rowena Harris's material internal sounds... 

Packets of cornflower and water 

Rowena Harris's body experiments  


Rowena Harris's body experiments  

Kate Pickering's listening to materials 


Kate Pickering's listening to materials 

Kate Pickering's - material voices 


the inflatables... 

Laura Burn's embodiment exercises  

Laura Burn's embodiment exercises  

Curious material exploration with Laura Burns 



Selected reading of text with Laura Burns